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My name is Marta, and I am the only Midwestern girl, in our group of six that will finally be meeting, face to face, in California in just a few weeks. I am truly puzzled as to how I was fortunate enough to cross paths with these five amazing, inspirational and caring women.

I did not start my blog, Haus of Girls (where I am having a blast documenting the CRAZY Life of a Mom to Three Girls) until this past March and it amazes me the friends I have made since then. And thanks to five of them, I am able to be a part of something so wonderful and meaningful.

Since Julie contacted me to be a part of her AMAZING idea, I have been thinking a lot. Now, I don't know about you, but I can honestly say that I may be found having the occasional pity party for myself.

It takes such hard work and dedication to raise three little girls, five and under.
I may or may not have been know to occasionally complain about the dishes piling up, laundry to do, floors to sweep, diapers to change, food to cook, carpets to vacuum, dust to, well, dust, bills to pay, dogs to feed.... you get the point.

And on top of taking care of my three girls,
I watch four other children in my home during the day

Two under the age of one.
Two that are almost 18 months.
A two year old.
And a three year old.

So yes, I may have my days of pity parties.
It is extremely hard work.
100 times more difficult than when I worked outside the home!

But after reading the fact that today 4500 moms just like me are worrying whether their children will live or die because of contaminated water, it has put so many things in perspective.

I have everything I need in my life.
I do not NEED anything.
That is the only thing I've ever known.
I have never NEEDED anything in my life, ever.

I may not have the fanciest cars, designer clothes or handbags.
I may not travel the world. (My upcoming trip to Cali is the first time on a plane in YEARS!)
But I could care less about all that stuff.

What I DO have is WATER.
Water to cook and clean with, give my girls baths in my huge giant Jacuzzi tub, shower for an hour if I want to and, wash my clothes, water my grass and, most importantly, I have WATER to give to my girls whenever they are thirsty.

As a mom, to imagine what my life would be like,
if I could NOT do this for my daughters is heartbreaking.

So this Christmas, thanks to Julie and four other amazing women, I am doing exactly what I would pray for another mom to do for me if I was in the same situation.
I am making a difference!
And I am spreading the word that YOU can also make a difference and save lives.
Something I was very uninformed about until I met these five women.

So please join us in any way that you can!

And like Heather said it so perfectly,

Let's celebrate Christmas
support handmade,
and give LIFE

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