done and done.

As of noon Tuesday, the SECOND well in Africa was fully funded. Below is an excerpt from Erin's post on Tuesday at Bringing Up Burns. We thought it a fitting sentiment as we wrap up this amazing journey you all have helped us to take.

"O Lord, we feast on the ABUNDANCE of your house. You give them drink from your river of delights; for with you is the WATER of life." Psalm 36:5

"I know I have been MIA all last week. I have been scrambling to get.it.done.
IT being the crafting and the sewing and the baking and the painting...
because I committed to giving EVERYONE handmade items this Christmas.
(and let me tell you, my handmade gifts are CUTE! But I'll save that post for later...cause I have more RAD stuff to share today!)

I've been busy making handmade gifts because I'm committed to ending store bought frivolity. Ending wasted coin.
Because all the coin I have to spare is going to build a well. 

Well guess what?
We (HE, you and me) built a well.
A village changed. Lives saved.
The promise of clean water realized.

And guess what again?...

Last Tuesday, a little before 3pm, our well was fully funded.
The most sweetest of emails landed in my inbox.
I cried, I cheered, I danced, I sang.
I picked my kids up and swung them round and round and kissed their faces.
I drank a glass of water.

And then I began my plan of attack of getting Matt to let me visit our well in the Summer of 2011 when it is fully built.


I went to bed Tuesday night, giddy.
I woke Wednesday morning, still FULL of joy, and checked the P320 blog for fun.
I mean - there were awesome bundles still to be won! I wondered, who was going to win them? Who was going to love them?

And while I hate to admit it, cause it pretty much shows how much little faith I really have, I WAS FLOORED to discover that not only was our well fully funded....

But we were on our way to building ANOTHER!

Over $6500 in donations by Wednesday noon!
I shook my head and scolded myself.

Because, of course!
I pray to the Lord to "accomplish infinitely more than I'd ever dare to ask or hope" and then I am shocked when he follows through.
Silly girl.
Silly, silly girl.

Our God is an Awesome God!

And you my friends, are awesome too. I wish I could squeeze each and every one of you who helped make our dream a reality. TIMES TWO! Thank you for being so generous and so faithful. Thank You for your time, your creativity, your enthusiasm, your COIN. Thank you for showing us that The Lord can take one person, one idea, one maybe...and in HIS infinite power, grace and love grow it into a project, a dream, a for sure, a made it happen, a done and done.

"So whether you eat or DRINK or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

Without further ado...
the winner of the

bonus bundle is...

Don't be too sad if you didn't win! This isn't the end of Project 320. Really, this is only the beginning. It will be hard to top 2 wells in 2 weeks...but we do have more fun in store for this little blog. Please check back soon to see what else keeps our busy brains awake at night! God Bless. Happy Christmas.

Be Merry!
Be Bright!


Almost there...

Two wells!
Two villages!

Hundreds of lives saved.
The world will change.

Because of you.
Your hearts.
Your sacrifices.
Your love.

We thought that this bundle would stay open until after New Years.
Yet once again, we were wrong.
In less than 24 hours the second well was funded.
We are celebrating.

Now to pick a winner...
stay tuned.

Thanks to the outpouring of donations the second well
is almost funded and there is no way we could stop now!!!

How does a bonus bundle with prizes worth over $1000 sound?

Entries will remain open until another village is saved.

Each $25 donation equals one entry into the bonus raffle.

(Basically a 1 in 67 chance of winning.
The odds aren't too shabby...)

Leave one comment per entry in the comment section.
Don't forget your email address.

You aren't going to believe this bundle!!!
It is above and beyond in every way.

20x24 Gallery wrapped canvas from

Camera strap slipcover from

One year Picnik Premium from

Papaya framed linocut from

Two lids and two tees from

Stamps and vintage flashcards from

Amy Butler Love 14 FQ bundle from

Four pattern pack from


Gift Certificate

Vintage daisy necklace

Two pairs of earrings from
Lil' Nancy's Danglin' Designs

Holla tote from
and Pretty. Messy. Flower from

Vintage ephemera, scrapbook & card making
supplies and a key fob from

Vintage hankie and Anthropologie earrings from

Fabric mousepad from

Starbucks gift card and dish towels from

Vintage inspired necklaces and earrings from

Lulu the owl hair clip holder from

Handmade dog treats from
Chloe's K9 Cookies

Hat and tote with Africa silhouette from

Bib, baby headband and clippies from

Gift certificate from

Silver Bella tote from
and Pretty. Messy. Flower from

Custom cozy rag woobie from

Sweet dress from

Hand painted silhouette canvas from

Gift certificate from

Tutu and sweet felt flower headband from

Fabric covered composition book from

Personalized calendar from

Quilted table runner in Meadowsweet fabric from

{Comments are now closed.
Thanks for each and every one of your donations!}


Bundle #13

{Raffle rules here.}

**This raffle is now closed.**
Thank you!

This bundle includes donations by:

keychain - polka dot market
jewelry/hairclips - Dalghouse Boutique
Hope Bag- eli's lids
pink christmas onesie - cupcream
earrings - the spotted lily
zippered pouch - fresh hope
coffee cuff - householder/surface
bag - bubsies boutique
custom personalized weekly planner- Much Ado About You
ornaments - Mrs. Blueberry's Shoppe
wooden mary, joseph & jesus - little bit funky
chocolate - Carrie Kiser
$15 gift certificate- Mary Martha & Co
kids mit, bows, headband & burpcloth - Jen Christians
bookmark - Alison Strobel
$10 Land of Nod gift certificate - vanilla bean
Once upon a time print - vanilla bean
Christmas sign & frame - Water Drop Shop
Glitter pink house - Red Head Rory
$15 Gift Certificate- How to Pray Cards
Towel - taylortelli
Gift tags - Swirls of Creativity
basket with scrapbook supplies - songs kate sang
pinafore - Lassie Girl
ornament - jane says