Let's goD!

As the six of us embark on our third Project 320 Christmas Campaign, we must admit...

We are humbled.
We are thankful.
We are excited.
We are scared.
We are in awe.

That is the biggest thing, I think.
We are in awe...
of HIS almighty power.
And of your heart to help!

Two Christmases in a row, we have been blown away
by the beauty that is your hearts, outpoured in support of our dream.
A dream that has grown to be so much more.
A dream that is now joyful REALITY!
Times three.

This year, the need is still great. 
And water is still very much on our hearts and minds.
So it is with great anticipation and excitement, we kick off

Project 320: 2011

We are inviting anyone with a blog, be it one followed by millions or dozens, to host a giveaway. Handmade, vintage, or store bought.  Freedom and creativity is the only guideline.  It could be one pretty thing, or a whole bundle of fabulous.

Each $10 donation to the Project 320 well will count for one entry in one giveaway.

Each blogger is then individually responsible for choosing a winner, verifying the donation, and shipping off the prize(s).

Just think, it would only take 50 blogs with 10 entries each to fund one well.

Little things = Big changes.

Add your giveaway to the Linky below!
And then GO.
Post our button in your sidebar.
Like our Facebook page.
Visit all the blogs hosting giveaways and spread the word!!
Let's do Christmas different this year.
Let's use social media for good.
Tweet, Facebook, Stumble, Chrome, Path, Pin, Insta-crazy each and every Gram out of this need.
And above all....Pray.
Watch HIM work.
One week. One Well. Lives Changed.

Let's Go.
Let GOD!


Think of what could happen...

‎$450 BILLION spent on Christmas?? Please watch this! And then commit to exchanging just ONE holiday purchase for something hand/homemade, and spending those saved dollars on WATER instead. Think of what could happen...


Bring it.

Two years ago what started out as a small idea,
a dream in our hearts, an impossible goal,
suddenly became more than possible.

More than we could have ever imagined.

Something that part of us can't believe,
that still brings us to tears.
You, together with the talented and generous artisans and crafters

You helped give three communities access to clean water.
To life.
To hope.
To a future.

Let's do it again.

How?  By joining together our hearts, our passions and our talents, we together accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

Want to join in?
Email us at

project320blog {@} gmail dot com

Lets change the world together.