Thank you for believing and giving so abundantly!
From the bottom of our hearts, we love all of you!

Infinitely More,

The 320 Girls


Water makes a lovely gift.

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Need a gift for that hard to buy for person, with a big heart?
Why not buy water in their name?
Then enter the giveaways in your name...

Everyone is happy.
The well inches closer to being built.

Feel free to right click this image and use it as an easy peasy printable gift card.

Let's keep building the well!
Donate here.

We big puffy heart you!


Visit all of the Project 320 giveaways.

Happy Monday to you.
Ready to build a well together?

Here is how it is going to work:

For each $10 donation through the charity:water 
you will earn ONE entry to ONE blog giveaway.

There is no limit to how many times, or how many giveaways you can enter, as long as you adhere to the $10/ one entry rule.

Below are links to all of the blogs that are hosting giveaways to help fund a well through charity:water.

One week.  One well.  Lives changed.



We want to start by saying how grateful we all are for your heart to help.
To buy water.
To change the future.

Last year was beautiful.  Overwhelming.  Humbling.  Amazing.
We could not believe the outpouring of support for our little dream to build a well.  The dream that was quickly expanded to yet another well.

This year we still have water on our hearts and minds.
We still want to do what we can to change lives half a world away.

Together we prayed, brainstormed, cried, stretched and came up with a new model for 2010.

Monday, December 13th will kick off Project 320 Giveaway week.

We are inviting anyone with a blog, be it one followed by millions or dozens, to host a giveaway.
Handmade, vintage, or store bought.  Freedom and creativity is the only guideline.  It could be one pretty thing, or a whole bundle of fabulous.

Each $10 donation to the Project 320 well will count for one entry in one giveaway.

Each blogger is then individually responsible for choosing a winner, verifying the donation, and shipping off the prize(s).

Just think, it would only take 50 blogs with 10 entries each to fund one well.

Little things= Big changes.

First thing Monday morning, a linky will be set up here for you to add in your giveaway post.  Then use social media for good and spread the word.

Until then, think of what you would like to give away.
Post our button in your sidebar.
Write up a sneak peek post.
Be ready to help change the world.

We can't wait for Monday!!!