Who is Erin?


My name is Erin and I ramble on over at Bringing Up Burns. I too, like Julie, often think about my charmed life.

Sure. I've got a list of wants.
I want...
a new cell phone,
a plane ticket to Chicago,
a Kindle,
some Jo Malone (Orange Blossom, please)
to shake his hand,

the laundry to fold itself,
Miley to come back to Twitter...

But when I really stop to think about it, my list seems pretty silly. There is literally NOTHING that I need. Because I already have it all. This man I've been blessed with. These kidlets I've been gifted. Where ever we are, it's all right here. 

So what do I do with it all? I'm not the kinda girl who can just sit back and enjoy the ride. I need to actively participate. I want to make, create, and BE in this life as best I can. What I have come to know in my heart, is that for me to feel remotely deserving of all I have been gifted, I must work to be the best woman, wife, mother, sister, and friend I can be.

Not recognizing my blessings. Not using my talents for something bigger and better than me...that would be sad. So wasteful!  That is why I did virtual backflips when Julie asked me to join her and Project 320.

Is it really possible that 4500 mothers bury their children due to contaminated water...every day? That one in six people on the planet does not have access to clean water? That just $10 will provide one person in Africa clean water for 10 YEARS?!


It is really possible.

Is it really possible that 6 crafty, blogger, Twitter friends think they can come together and change the world...just a little bit? That these women need your help to build a collection of 100 handmade, heartfelt treasures?That just $10 will provide you with a chance to win these treasures (and make you feel AWESOME for changing the world too?!)


It is really possible.

Let's do this people. It's all right here!


Heidi Jo the Artist said...

Nice to meet you Erin. :)

Trish said...

Hi Erin...

Is it true that all you Cali girls are blond? :)

I know that this team is gonna rock it out crafty style!!!

Getting my package ready to ship soon!!!


Kristy said...

so amazing. so happy to be apart of it!

Tasha said...

I am so excited to be a small part of this too! You ladies are amazing. You inspire me. Thanks for doing this. You are inspiring, helping, and blessing so many lives.

PamperingBeki said...

"Miley to come back to twitter..."

Ha! Erin, I love you!