Hi, I'm Heather M.

You can find me at Cookie Mondays, attempting to put a positive spin on finding balance in that crazy thing called motherhood.

Being a stay-at-home mom, surviving on one income is stressful!
Throw Christmas in the mix, and some days I'm paralyzed with anxiety.
Make ends meet AND have Christmas AND not go insane?

What? I'm not alone?

This year, I needed some perspective.
Needed to join hearts with five good friends.
To trade consumerism for compassion,
to make a huge impact.

Today I...

Took a shower.
Brushed my teeth.
Filled the coffee pot.
Filled the Christmas tree stand.
Ran the dishwasher.
Ran the washing machine.
Used the toilet.
Washed my hands.
Did some more dishes.
And lots more laundry.
Rinsed salad greens.
Ran baths.
Topped off my iron.
Fed my kids glasses of fresh, clean water.

Water, water, water...

Is it fair that today I whine & worry over trees & toys,
when today 4500 moms just like me are worrying whether their
children will live or die?

Over contaminated water?

When I think about how healthy and safe my family is, I have no worries.
I need nothing.
I am so blessed.

But those other moms need us.
Together, we can relieve some worry.

When the six of us decided to get together for a crazy crafty weekend, I was thrilled!
When Julie started throwing ideas around about a building a well, I jumped for joy!
My favorite part of this season is the giving.

God knew exactly what He would do with the
creative energy of six compulsive crafters.

Won't you join hearts along with us?

Let's celebrate Christmas,
support handmade,
and give LIFE.


Trish said...

Love your thoughts about this! Can't wait to see it unfold :) Wishin' I could fly out to Cali to craft with you :)

Favors With Love said...

This is great ladies! You girls are awesome! Wish I could come help but im in central CA but will be sending you someting very soon!

the monkey's mama said...

YAY! I found the Larson Lingo blog through your blog and I love both of them SO much! you ladies are awesome and inspiring!