I'm Heather G.

Hey!  I'm Heather G.  You can usually find me over at Angel Face Designs.    I have a sweet little girl, Leila - almost three, another little girl on the way - Gianna, due March 1 and the most amazing husband in the world.  I am blessed in every sense of the word.

I am so lucky to have met five truly amazing women through the crazy and wonderful blogosphere, and am excited beyond belief to get to hang out with all of them in person in just a few weeks!  My husband likes to make fun of the fact that I'm driving seven hours, and spending an entire weekend with my "blog friends" but what he doesn't seem to understand is what an amazing impact they have all had on my life and how they've touched my heart.

Right before Thanksgiving I was asked for a Christmas list by some family members and wrote down a handful of things that I've been wanting (definitely not needing) and handed it over.  Nowhere on my list was water.  We have it.  It's delivered every other Thursday by the nice Alhambra man.  It's running through our pipes for dishes and laundry and long, hot showers.  It's something we don't even think about and take for granted.  I am so grateful that my biggest worries lately have been which store to get to first on Black Friday, or which Christmas tree farm to stop at.  I don't even think about the fact that everyday I have clean, fresh water to give to my family.

So many mothers don't have that luxury.  4500 children die each and every day from contaminated water.  4500?  To me it's unimaginable, but unfortunately it's a fact.  I was thrilled when Julie threw around the idea of doing something big to somehow help.  To build a well?   Sure, it's ambitious but it can and will be done.

Please join us this Christmas season!  Do what you can to help mothers who have to think about the unthinkable.

Let's celebrate Christmas,
support handmade,
and give LIFE.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO in! I can't wait to get involved!