On December 14th,

We are going to build a well.
You are going to build a well.

Because we can.
Because you can.


Right now sweet, generous, creative and caring women from all over the country are sewing, knitting, painting, shopping, blogging, praying.


Over 100 items.

Handmade and heartfelt happiness.

December 14th
and ending
December 18th

Project 320
will be holding a virtual raffle.

10 prize bundles.

earns one virtual ticket.

You get to choose how many "tickets" to buy
and which prize package you want to win.

On December 21st we will "draw" ten winners.

But most of all,
we will celebrate the victory.

The promise of clean water for a village.


Are you excited?

You should be!!!!

Because it is going to be awesome.
Grab a button.
Spread the word.


Tasha said...

That is exactly right. For him. And his family. And his friends. I am going to hold that picture in my mind as a get to work. I am grateful for this opportunity.

Beth said...

nothing to donate...except cashola! not a lot, but i will give and when i can! keep it up gurrrlz!

Ashley said...

You gals totally rock.

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Hooray for clean water! Hooray for LIFE!

Anonymous said...

well. well. well.
check u girls out!
what a blessing u r!

Ashley Newell said...

You girls are the best! I blogged about this and I am making stuff to send over today. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

That Fresh Feeling said...

very, very awesome!

But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. I will sing to the Lord because he is good to me.
~ Psalm 13:5-6, NLT

Sandi said...

You are all truly amazing! I don't blog but I'll do my best to spread the word. I'll be back to donate some money for the raffle and would be honored for you to contact me if you need any handmade donations for future wells! I mean, really, why should we stop at just one?

Anonymous said...

this is such an amazing idea. :) I'll spread the word!!

Jeanne Oliver said...

Amazing!!! Thank you for putting this together!!!

Chacoy said...

Hello God's Angels,
I would like to donate an item if it is not to late to do so? Thank you for sharing this with the blogging world, because if you hadn't I wouldn't have known about this:{
Thank you,

julie said...

I'd like to donate something, too! How can we get involved?

Anonymous said...

I CANT WAIT! This is going to be amazing!

Pandora31 said...

I would love to donate something...let me know if it's too late or where to send it!

Amy C said...

Ladies you are AWESOME and INSPIRING! What a wonderful cause!

trishia said...

I would love to donate a signed matted photography print, can you contact me on how to donate? this is a wonderful thing you are doing!

Megan said...

Great initiative - I have twittered, facebooked and blogged about it - will check back in on the 14th!

Terri said...

You are a genious for sure. I am proud to be a part of it

Unknown said...

Wow this is amazing!! I definitely want to help, even if all I can do is donate some $$.
Thanks for helping those less fortunate!!

Jeannett said...

I'm a tad confused about something though...I plan on donating regardless of the raffle, but this post says that the raffle will be held the week of the 14th thru the 18th, but names won't be drawn until the 21st...and I see that lots of folks have donated already...so, do their names get entered in? Or, should I wait until the week of the 14th? Sorry...my mommy sleep deprived brain is obviously out of steam...

Jules said...

Great question...
all donations will be eligible for tickets... even the early ones.
the entries will be open from the 14th to 18th.
winners will be posted on the 21st.

We are trying to figure it out too.
But it is exciting!!!

Mommafo said...

Julie, you're amazing! God is amazing! How awesome to be used for Him and His glory. I was thinking about that verse on your page today (i hadn't checked out this site yet) and all of a sudden it struck me like a ton of bricks! Even a glass of water given in my name will have its place in heaven! Oh! Wow!!

Poppies and Poetry said...

I wanna donate! Is it too late if I ship items tomorrow? I can express if necessary! Please let me know.

I am so moved by this project and the way it glorifies God!